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Winter Preparation

11/23/2015 |

Helpful Tips On Winter Preparation


With the holidays soon on their way, the cold comes right along with them. Your body is the most important asset you have as an active adult, protecting it from the cold, injuries, and illness is crucial to staying in excellent shape. Avoid getting stuck in a snow bank or succumbing to hypothermia by preparing your self, your home and your car correctly for the upcoming months.

Your Self:

Dress warmly and in layers when it starts to get cold outside protecting your body from catching hypothermia. Always keep your hands and feet covered with thick gloves and socks, as they are the last to get blood when it circulates around the body. Cover all skin if you must go outside on days where the temperature goes below freezing. Your body temperature should never go below 95 degrees Fahrenheit and if so, call for medical assistance.

When eating, adjust your diet to consume more milk, grains, seafood, or supplements in order to boost Vitamin D. We usually produce Vitamin D ourselves when we are out in the sun, but because winter forces us indoors for those months; your Vitamin D levels could go down. A deficiency in Vitamin D can lead to vague symptoms so be aware of tiredness, and aches and pains.

Your Home:

Before the first snow hits, big or small, have your ranch style home checked by a heat inspector. You never want to find out that your heat is not up to the task when the temperatures are already dropping. Be sure your manufactured home is buttoned up tight with weather strips on doors leading outside. A door that’s not properly prepped will lose heat and drive your energy bills up. Take a walk around your home noting any possible signs of energy loss, air leaks or heating equipment that isn’t operating efficiently. 

Your Car:

Driving during the winter months can be challenging and hazardous if you don’t take the correct precautions.

  1. Replace your tires with winter tires, if you have any, for better grip on icy roads.
  2. Check your heating system and wipers. Both of these will be instrumental in keeping you comfortable and safe in transit.
  3. Keep your gas tank at half-full or higher; anything lower can lead to freezing from developed moisture in the tank.
  4. Most importantly, bring your breaks in to be checked by a mechanic. Icy roads will be dangerous enough with black ice hidden along the road; having bad brakes as well will increase the likelihood of an accident.


When preparing for winter, check in with the main office at Liberty Manor for assistance or the locations of professionals to help.

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